OPP March Break Distracted Driving Campaign

The OPP will be out in full force for March Break looking for distracted drivers starting Monday. For the fourth year in a row Distracted Driving was the Number 1 cause of driving related deaths on OPP patrolled roads in 2016. Distracted driving was responsible for 65 deaths followed by 55 from speed related, 53 seat belt related and 45 alcohol related deaths. OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt calls it “The Big 4” including inattentive driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving, and those people who still do not wear seat belts. Distracted and inattentive driving can result in a minimum $490 fine complete with demerit points. Everybody knows the law but people continue to make excuses and put themselves and others at risk by using their phone while driving and are distracted on the road. Don’t drink and drive, buckle up, abide by the speed limit, stay focused and make that call and text when you reach your destination. Drive safe everybody.


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