The New World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $10,000

The price of the World’s Most Expensive Burger mind-boggling.  It’s been dubbed “The Burgerstack,” and it sells for $300 per bite, or $10,000 total.  There’s only one place on the planet full of rich people with complete disregard for fiscal responsibility, and that place is, of course, Dubai.  That’s where this burger was sold to raise funds for the Pink Caravan cancer charity.  The burger doesn’t feature any gold flake or truffles, the two most common ingredients in any dish with “world’s most expensive” attached to the name.  This burger features 7 Al Jassiri patties, veal bacon, aged cheddar, Harrisa burger sauce, a saffron brioche bun, seven rare spices, french fries, and a monster-sized milkshake. Unfortunately for anyone willing to spend $300 on a single bite, that’s not an option. You must buy the whole thing.

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