New Survey Says The Majority Of Ontarians Support The Idea Of Buying Alcohol From Private Retailers

New polling by Nanos Research has found that nearly 60% of Ontarians would have supported or at least “somewhat supported” allowing the sale of liquor and spirits at private retailers if the LCBO had gone on strike back in June. When asked about private sales during a potential strike, nearly 6 in ten Ontarians supported (41%) or somewhat supported (17%) allowing for private retailers to sell liquor and spirits. When asked about alcohol sales in the province, just over half of Ontarians say that allowing more privately owned stores is more important to them (54%) compared to just two in five (41%) saying having the LCBO continue to control the sale of alcohol is more important.  “When asked about expanded private retail for alcohol, Premier Kathleen Wynne said she didn’t have the social license to do so. These polling numbers say otherwise,” says David Clement of the Consumer Choice Center.

Similar Nanos Research polling found that 55% of Ontario residents support (32%) or somewhat support (23%) the private retail sale of marihuana, as opposed to selling it through the LCBO.

Story credit: Media release from the Consumer Choice Centre. To read the research: CLICK HERE.

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