New Study: Sneaking In Stream Time Is Much Needed ‘Me-Time’ For Moms

With summer holidays officially underway, most families are breathing easy now that camp, vacations and play dates are sorted. So how are moms de-stressing? According to a recent study from Netflix, “stream time” is the new “me time,” with 9 out of 10 Canadian moms saying that watching great TV shows and movies (alone / without their kids) is a rewarding form of “me time.”

The reasons why Canadian moms sneak TV “me time” in, likely won’t come as a surprise.  Over half (52%) say they need time to decompress alone and unplug a bit, almost half (49%) need some adult only time and peace and quiet, and lets face it, some (46%) are just tired and want time to rest.

It’s safe to say there are many benefits to sneaking some TV “me time”, and according to Canadian moms, the top ones include getting a break from their daily routine (73%), feeling less stressed (54%) and more refreshed (34%) and feeling more connected to what’s going on with pop culture, their friends and coworkers (33%). So it’s no surprise that 84% feel that moms shouldn’t feel guilty about sneaking this much needed TV “me time.”

So how and when are busy Canadian moms sneaking in their TV “me time”?:

  • Me time vs. we time: Half of Canadian moms (49%) say they try to sneak in TV “me time” about 1 to 3 times a day in order to catch up on must-watch TV shows
  • Juggling chores with me time: 58% of Canadian moms multitask when they sneak in TV “me time”, most commonly while: laying in bed (59%), cleaning around the house (59%), and cooking (48%)
  • Sometimes you just have to sneak a peek: Other creative ways Canadian moms are sneaking in their TV “me time” include: staying longer in the bathroom (35%), pretending they’re getting dressed or doing their makeup and hair in the bathroom (23%), and telling their kids or significant other that they’re feeling “sick” (17%)
  • It’s not all hearts and romance: Because Canadian moms are most likely to sneak a wide variety of shows: Grey’s Anatomy (26%), Orange is the New Black (26%), The Walking Dead (23%), Gilmore Girls (21%)

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