The New England Patriots Are The First Team To Own Planes For Team Travel

It’s hard to believe but the new NFL season is just around the corner. The New England Patriots have made history by purchasing two 767 Boeing jets.  The five-time Super Bowl champions are the first team in NFL history to buy their own fleet of planes for travel to away games.  Sources told ESPN that the team bought the wide-body jets during the off-season and retrofitted them with all first-class seats. These planes, depending on miles flown and condition, generally cost between $5 million and $65 million. A source said the planes the Patriots bought are extended range, which allows the planes to fly nonstop for about 12 hours. One plane will be used as the main plane for the season, while the other will be the backup, with flight operations being run out of Providence, Rhode Island, sources said. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said team officials would not be publicly commenting on the acquisitions. The Patriots will allow for the planes to be rented out during the season when they are not needed for team travel, sources said.

Photo Credit: ESPN


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