My Name Is Jimmy T, And I Have A Factual Math Lesson For You…


My name is Jimmy T, and here is a simple, factual math lesson for you.


Canada produced 732 megatons of carbon in 2014 (We have to use 2014, as it’s the only number available to us)


It takes 47,000,000 (47 million) trees to clean 1 megaton of carbon from the atmosphere. So, 34,404,000,000 (43.4 billion) trees are needed to clean 732 megatons of carbon from the atmosphere.There is 396,000,000 (396 million) hectares of forest in Canada, and between 1000 to 2500 trees in each hectare. So, let’s play it safe and say that there are 1000 trees per hectare. This means that there are 390,000,00,000 (390 billion) trees in Canada.


390,000,000,000 divided by 34,404,000,000=11.3 billion. We actually clean 11 times the carbon out of the atmosphere than we produce… #carbontax


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