Mom Forces Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter To Wear The Same Clothes For A Week To Teach Her To Stop Being An A******E

A Newfoundland mom has raised some eyebrows for a punishment impose don her daughter that some may feel is a little harsh. Amanda Mitchell stripped her 9-year old daughter’s room of everything but her bed and one pair of clothes.  It was punishment for “acting like an a*****e” and bullying her friends at school.  She has nothing,” Mitchell wrote on Facebook.  “Welcome to Mommy’s Juvenile Detention Center little girl.”  Mitchell explained that her daughter would be required to wear the same outfit all week, complete with an anti-bullying shirt, after picking on her best friend.  “I will wash it at night once she goes to bed, but I won’t tell her that,” Mitchell wrote.

Mitchell also revealed that every day this week her daughter will be required to write, 50 times each, phrases that include: “I will not lie,” “I will be kind to everyone,” “I will behave at school,” “I am responsible for my own actions.”  Mitchell revealed that she didn’t usually “post this kind of stuff” on Facebook, but was compelled to because she was “so disgusted and disappointed” in her daughter.  “I got a call from her teacher on Friday, explaining how Hannah has been acting up all week in class,” she explained.  “At least two days in a row she has been found wandering the halls during lunch when she is required to remain with her class.  She was picking on one of her best friends and really hurt the little one’s feelings.  Lying to other teachers about her own (AMAZING) teacher.  And generally just acting like an a*****e.  Yes, I just said a*****e.  Why?  Because she’s acting like one.  I know she’s not an a*****e, but if the shoe fits, right?

Mitchell said she didn’t believe the punishment was harsh at all.  She also shared that she decided to lessen her daughter’s punishment.   Instead of 50 times she was made to write each phrase 25 times, and had to rotate between four anti-bullying shirts instead of one during the week of punishment.

Photo Credit: AMANDA MITCHELL/FACEBOOK via Huffington Post


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