MNEK says he won’t work with Azealia Banks

When you are an artist with a collaboration track record like British pop singer & songwriter MNEK, your fans are bound to wonder who your next collaboration will be with. When a fan made a request on twitter that the singer should work with rapper Azealia Banks, MNEK had a blunt response for them. The British artist retweeted the fan’s request and he replied that he had absolutely no interest in working with Banks any time soon. “She actively hates gay ppl but exploits our culture,” he wrote. “I’ll pass.” MNEK’s tweet comes after Banks’ latest debacle, where she told her fans that she had RuPaul’s album American removed from Spotify due to a pending claim that the Drag Race host copied the production of her song “The Big Big Beat” for his song “Call Me Mother.” Following the tweet, Azealia fired off a number of tweets criticizing white gay culture, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and RuPaul himself.



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