Mayochup Is Almost A Reality – Twitter Votes Closing In On 500,000

Is it disgusting, a rip-off product or just the thing you have been waiting for all your life?  Those are just some of the social media reactions to the possible launch of a new Heinz condiment called Mayochup.   Heinz is allowing consumers to vote on whether this new product — a pre-made blend of mayonnaise and ketchup in one container — should be sold in the United States.  From now through Sunday, you can vote in a Twitter poll, and if the poll closes with 500,000 yes votes, we will have a chance.  Currently the product is only available in some Middle East Gulf states.  “We’ve seen a fierce debate on Twitter, with over 200,000 already voting yes,” said Nicole Kulwicki, Director of Marketing for Heinz.  “It’s looking like Heinz Mayochup has a strong chance of launching.”  But not all the reactions have been positive with people on social media.

Photo Credit: Heinz via Twitter


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