Man Set His House On Fire Trying To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest Using Gasoline

A Thunder Bay man is a little red faced after he accidentally set his house on fire while attempting to remove a wasp nest from the property.  Fire crews say the man had poured gasoline on the nest, which was on the ground, and lit it up. That created a blaze that spread from the exterior wall into the basement.  Fire chief John Hay says they had to strip siding off the house in order to put out the fire that was threatening to engulf an interior wall. The fire department is investigating whether or not to lay charges. The Chief described the incident as both stupid and dangerous. “I don’t get surprised any more, but this is especially dumb,” Hay said. “That’s probably in my top 10 for my career, and I’ve been around a long time.”

Photo Credit: (unrelated to this story) YouTube


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