Maker Of The We Vibe Settles Privacy Lawsuit

Here’s a follow-up on a story we first told you about last year. The makers of the We-Vibe vibrator, who had been accused of secretly tracking the intimate habits of thousands of its customers through their app, have agreed to settle a lawsuit in the US for $5 million dollars. Ottawa-based company “Standard Innovation” will pay those who bought their We-Vibe sex toy before September 26, 2016, up to $199 each. Users who controlled the vibrator through their We-Connect app are eligible for up to $10,000 each. According to the statement of claim, users had to download the We-Connect app to allow them or their partners to remotely control the Bluetooth-equipped vibrator settings. The app’s “connect lover” feature let partners exchange text messages, conduct video chats and control a paired We-Vibe device. The problem here is that information, along with the email address associated with the users was also sent in real time to the company’s Canadian servers. Standard Innovation denies any wrongdoing but will destroy much of the personal data it had collected through the app. That data also included time and date of use, the user-selected vibration intensity level and pattern and the temperature of the device, according to court documents. Standard Innovation says none of the data collected was compromised.

From CBC News via the Chicago Tribune:

In an email to CBC News, a company spokesman said Monday the business was pleased to reach a “fair and reasonable” settlement. “At Standard Innovation we take customer privacy and data security seriously,” Denny Alexander said. “We have enhanced our privacy notice, increased app security, provided customers more choice in the data they share, and we continue to work with leading privacy and security experts to improve the app,” Alexander said.

Photo Credit: Standard Innovation via The Notice


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