Luke Skywalker’s Blaster Gun Is For Sale

The blaster gun used by Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back has emerged for sale for $300,000 after it was gifted to a British Star Wars fan. The DL-44 Blaster was used by Luke Skywalker (and Han Solo) back in 1980 and is in original filming condition. The prop, which is 12 inches long, is made from grey, silver and brown-coloured fiberglass.

Hamill gave the prop to an eight-year-old British boy named Daniel when he appeared on BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It show in 1979 having a picnic with “Luke Skywalker.” The blaster will become Hollywood’s most expensive screen weapon if it sells for its $300,000 estimate. It is now owned by a private collector but is in very good condition and still has its original flash suppressor and scope. It does have some wear from filming, including one glued section. The film prop is for sale at auctioneers Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles.

Luke Skywalker blaster gun

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