Kellogg’s Releases The First New Fruit Loops Flavour In A Decade

Kellogg’s has released a new box of Fruit Loops and it comes with a new flavour.  ‘Wild berry’ is Froot Loops’ first new flavour in 10 years.  They say the new breakfast mix is “a balance of sweet and tart berry goodness that will have fans going wild from the moment the flavorful aroma tickles their nose to the last sip of the sweet milk left behind.” Though Kellogg’s did release an O-shaped Unicorn cereal, which was cupcake-flavoured, it wasn’t officially a Froot Loops product.  On Tuesday, however, Kellogg’s unleashed Wild Berry Froot Loops.  Boxes are now available in grocery stores and retailers nationwide.

Photo Credit: Kelloggs’s via Walmart


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