Katy Perry’s Left Shark Has Been Revealed!

As we get ready for Superbowl 52 with The Patriots vs The Eagles and Pink singing the US National Anthem and Justin Timberlake performing the half time show let’s take you back to 2015. Remember Left Shark the seven-foot-tall dancer during Katy Perry’s performance in Glendale Arizona where the Patriots defeated the Seahawks 28-24? The internet went bonkers with memes when one of the dancers went rogue during the routine. I know you haven’t been able to sleep for 3 years but we finally know the identity of the shark. The role of Left Shark was played by Bryan Gaw who danced for Perry for five years and left last year and now works as a hairstylist at Mare Salon in West Hollywood. Gaw told National Public Radio that the role of Left Shark involved some freedom of expression and said “So there’s a set choreography. There’s also what’s called free-style choreography, or, like, you get to move around or play your character as a dancer. … I’m in a 7-foot blue shark costume. There’s no cool in that. So what’s the other option? Well, I’m gonna play a different character.” He also “It was really only a few seconds, a snippet, maybe four or five counts where I improvised in my giant blue shark costume but people went crazy.” Indeed they did and now we know who Left Shark is and we can move on with life. This Sunday will be JT’s third performance at the “The Big Game.” Justin previously performed with NSYNC in 2001 and with Janet Jackson in 2004 during the famous and controversial “Wardrobe Malfunction” incident. Let’s hope for another exciting and memorable performance and game this Sunday in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Source MTV/NPR

Featured Image and GIF below from MTV.com

Katy Perry said Left Shark was the real MVP in 2015/Twitter

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