Kate Upton Says Guess Co-Founder Was Forceful, Grabbed Her Breasts And Called Her ‘Fat Pig’

Last week, Kate Upton wrote #MeToo on Twitter, saying Guess co-founder Paul Marciano “shouldn’t be allowed to use his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women.”

What did she mean by that?

Here we go. Kate tells Time Magazine that during a 2010 Guess lingerie shoot, he aggressively kissed her, made several attempts to come up to her hotel room and forcibly grabbed her breasts claiming he just wanted to see if they were real. When she turned him down, that’s when he started with the insults, calling her a fat pig after she brought her boyfriend to a Guess shoot.

A year later, after Upton was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Guess made a $400,000 offer to have her shoot another campaign. He began and saying she wasn’t allowed to bring her boyfriend. She did anyway. “I was then told to leave because Paul said, ‘Get that fat pig off my set!”

She says he called her “disgusting,” and tried spreading lies about her being unprofessional and drunk on set.

He was so bad, Kate considered quitting modelling.

“It took a huge toll on my confidence and self-worth,” she says. “I started slumping my shoulders to hide my breast size, wearing baggy clothes. I think people need to be educated on the definition of consent. I don’t think there are any blurred lines in this. I don’t think you should be touching people at the workplace, and I don’t think you should be sexually speaking to a model as they’re doing their profession.”

Reps at Guess have not commented. Guess shares fell more than 17% since her initial tweet.

Info: TIME

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