Kardashians Only Want One Mum

Keeping up with the Kardashians may include the two younger Jenners… But Bruce – or should we say Kaitlyn is no more.

Caitlyn Jenner spoke at the Cambridge Union on Monday night – to which she revealed the Kardashians no longer want their dad in their life.

“To be honest, I don’t talk to them anymore.  Kim, I haven’t talked to in a year.  They don’t want me in their lives.” Said Caitlyn. However, this is only relevant to the Kardashian side of the family.  Caitlyn still has a strong tie with biological daughters Kendall and Kylie.

Caitlyn goes on to explain that he tried to be nice in his book. “Very fair and very nice.  Unfortunately, they didn’t take it that way.  In the book I expressed some opinions and got shut down.  It was not about the Kardashians.  They were only mentioned on 20 pages.  The book was about my life.  That caused a lot of the separation between us.”

What were your guys’ thoughts on the book?

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