Judge Declares Mistrial In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case

Saturday morning the Judge in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case declared a mistrial after jury came backdeadlocked on all counts. After 6 days of deliberations the jurors made up of five women and seven men failed to reach a verdict and were unable to come to a unanimous decision. Cosby faced three charges of aggravated indecent assault. On Friday outside the courthouse Crosby said “I just want to wish all of the fathers a Happy Father’s Day and I want to thank all of the jury for their long days, their honest work individually, I also want to thank the supporters who’ve been here and please to the supporters, stay calm, do not argue with people, just keep up the great support. Thank you all. Thank you.” Cosby had maintained his innocense and insisted encounter was consensual. Prosecuting attorneys have announced that they will retry the case.

Featured Image and Source via Twitter/CNN

Video courtesy of ABC News on Twitter: Following the mistrial, Camille Cosby expressed her feelings via a statement and condemns attorney, judge, opposing counsel as “ambitious” and “unethical”



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