John Tory Replaces Vince Crisanti As Deputy Mayor

Vincent Crisanti has been ousted by John Tory as one of his four deputy mayors. Last Friday night Giorgio Mammoliti and Crisanti spoke at the 23rd Annual Ford Fest backyard bbq bash where Doug Ford announced his intentions to run for mayor of Toronto in 2018. Vince Crisanti told the faithful Ford supporters “If anybody out there doubts the power of Ford Nation, just come here tonight … I got first elected in 2010 with the support of Rob Ford and I’m here today because of the Fords and I want to thank them.” Crisanti is not pleased with Tory’s decision and said he attended the community event and was there for his constituents and supported his long time friend. Friday night after the announcement Tory said he wasn’t worried about Ford running and reminded people of the “dysfunction.” Crisanti is a Ward 1 Etobicoke North counsillor and told the Etobicoke Guardian that “come election time, I’ll continue to do what I’ve done in the past and support Doug Ford.” Hours after the story was posted, Mayor Tory released a statement removing Crisanti as deputy mayor and appointed Ward 3 Coun. Stephen Holyday. Tory said “I thank Coun. Crisanti for his time in this position. But based on his words and actions over the past few days, he has clearly stated he does not support my administration and intends to campaign for another candidate who has an approach that I believe will take the city backwards.” Tory also said that he doesn’t expect to agree with his deputy mayors “on every issue or every stance,” he does expect them to be committed to his “overall vision of building a stronger, fairer Toronto.” Ford defends Crisanti and says he has done a great job and told CP24 “In my opinion he was using Vince Crisanti the whole time. I asked Vince ‘How many times did you even meet with John?’ He said, “’In two-and-a-half years he asked me once to pop by and go out with some other councilors.’ He couldn’t even get a meeting with the mayor. Ford said that it is “really unfortunate that Tory is taking this route.” Crisanti was willing to continue serving his administration until election day but Tory didn’t agree. Doug Ford said that Tory should “be prepared” to see other councillors jump ship in the coming weeks and months and said “I’ve talked to numerous councillors who are not happy with the way the city is being run. You can’t expect someone to stand by you when they don’t believe in you anymore.” Doug’s nephew Ward 2 Coun. Michael Ford said the decision was “purely based on politics and not on merit. Councillor Crisanti has done an admirable job as deputy mayor for western Toronto and delivered real results, but that did not matter to Mayor Tory”

Source: CP24/CBC


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