‘IT’ Sequel In The Works

IT debuted at #1 over the weekend making $117.2 million at the box office – making it the 3rd best opening of 2017. Did you see it? Did you love it? Are you ready for more of it? Because a sequel IS in the works! According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line has “quietly closed a deal” with Gary Dauberman to write “Chapter Two”, and although a specific release date hasn’t been announced, it looks like 2019 is likely the year it’ll hit theatres. THR also reveals that “sources indicate that although the story will take place 27 years later, flashbacks may figure into the plot (just as they do in the book), and if those scenes are new, not repurposed ones from the first chapter, new deals may have to be struck with the rising stars. With no script in hand yet, New Line has not yet approached older actors.”


Image: giphy.com

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