Hurricane Jose Could Loop Back Toward Florida, Forecasters Say


Don’t drink all the bottled water yet.  Powerful hurricane Jose missed the Leeward Islands this weekend, but it might have a second chance to strike the Caribbean and even threaten Florida, forecasters say, this afternoon.


The National Hurricane Center in Miami is predicting that 130-mph Jose, a Category 4 storm, will do a loop in the Atlantic Ocean over the next few days.  If that happens, by Sept. 18 it could again be pointed at the islands all but destroyed by Irma just days ago.

Here’s how hurricane forecasters put Jose’s potential unusual maneuver this morning: “The steering pattern is expected to become rather dynamic, leading to a 5-day forecast that shows Jose making a small anticyclonic loop over the open waters of the western Atlantic.’’


Prays for everyone in the path of these disasters.


Photo courtesy: NHC

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