Hurricane Irma Is Hammering Tampa And Orlando Right Now

Hurricane Irma is still hammering Florida. It hit the Tampa Bay area overnight and produced localized flooding and countless downed trees and power lines. Flooding was reported in a large area around Orlando too, as the storm’s outer bands produced high winds and heavy rain for central Florida. Multiple tornadoes were reported across the state. More than 3.3-million homes and businesses have lost power, and utility officials says it will take weeks to restore electricity to everyone. Irma is now a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds at 135-kilometres-per-hour. It will likely become a tropical storm when it crosses into Georgia. Today the big concern is storm surge. Yesterday Irma pushed a lot of water off the beaches on the Gulf side of Florida. That water will race back in as the winds die down and major flooding is possible. The deaths of 5-people are now being blamed on the storm.

Photo Credit: Waze via Google via

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