Hollywood Hates Twitter For Suspending Rose McGowan!

Hollywood’s Finest have taken taken to Twitter to stand up for Rose.  The actress shared on her other social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) that her Twitter account was banned for using it as a platform to raise awareness to the accounts of sexual assault allegations Harvey Weinstein.  And also, to point a finger at Ben Affleck for turning away an allowing a grown man to prey on younger women.


Jessica Chastain tweeted on Wednesday Morning “Hey Twitter, Let us know which of these rules Rose Mcgown Broke. Asking for multiple victims of sexual voilence”.


The media platform received backlash from many users from the industry including; Jeffery Write, Jon Cryer, LilyAllen, and many more.


Twitter posted a statement with the reasons why Rose’s account was suspended and that they have since unlocked it.





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