Groundbreaking In-Utero Heart Surgery Saves Baby’s Life

Photo Credit: Metro Toronto


Sebastian Havill, who is now nine-weeks old, has had a busy first couple months.


20 weeks into her pregnancy, Kristine Barry learned that her baby had a congenial heart defect that only about three babies a year in Ontario have. This would require doctors to go in and perform in-utero heart surgery on the baby and later induce the pregnancy.


Doctors at Sick Kids and Mount Sinai Hopitals assured Barry and the baby’s father, Christopher Havill, that they were confident they could successfully complete the surgery, and not long later, it took place. After just 20 minutes of the procedure, the surgery was completed successfully.


Five days later, Barry was induced into labour and much to her relief, the baby came out pink and screaming. A week later, Seabstian underwent a successful open heart surgery.


The couple was told, other than monitoring the baby every so often, Sebastian was expected to live a normal life.

Sebastian is the couple’s first child.

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