Game That Allows You To Watch All Drake Beef?!

Legend of Drake: Rise of the 6 God.

Thats right…. this is the name of the video game that developer Sprightly came up with.

Drake has some famous feuds with other famous peeps.  Pusha T, Jay-Z, and Meek Mill… Just to name a few.

When the developer spoke about his invention he said that it took over 500 hours to make.

He says “I chose drake as the main character because I like his music, but because of how polarizing he is in the rap community and the many enemies and friends he has aligned himself with over the years”.

“I feel like rap beefs have been the igniter for some of my favourite songs, so the inital thought was for the game to come from imagining how great that adversarial energy would work for a video game”

You heard right, this is a 16 bit game that allows you to re-live all of Drake’s beef.

See the trailer below!

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