French Montana Is On A Mission

French Montana is on a mission and not just conquering the music charts with his current hit single “Unforgettable” but he feels obliged that every kid and mother should have the right health care. He started a campaign with Mama Hope to improve healthcare in Uganda. He was supposed to shoot a video in Hawaii but decided to go to Africa and said “I saw life for what it was out there.” Montana said “Meeting the kids was breathtaking.” He felt touched and believes in making a difference and said “I feel like especially with artists like me and other artists that have a platform to showcase this kind of message and show a difference and really go out there and do it — not just speak about it and post about it on Instagram. I feel like we gotta show action nowadays.” Montana helped raise over 260,00o for maternity and children’s medical center in Budondo and he along with Toronto’s very own The Weeknd each made a $100,000 donation.

Story Source and Segment via Twitter/CNN

Video from French Montana Vevo on Youtube

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