Fourth Avengers To Shoot Key Scenes In Scotland!


Production kicked off on a fourth film in the “Avengers” franchise last month and it was expected shooting would continue until the end of the year.  Now though, it seems filming may go on a bit longer as a new report indicates production is eyeing a shoot in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland next summer.


“A second Avengers film is penciled in for filming in Scotland in 2018. People have been put on standby for another movie next year. It won’t be until July because the Infinity War premiere is around May and all the cast will be tied up doing promo for that for a month. It’s exciting news that people behind something as big as Avengers want to come back to shoot another film here. This is a fantastic boost for the Scottish film industry.”


The Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4th!


Photo courtesy: Marvel Studios

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