You Are Four Times More Likely To Get Stood-Up On A Monday

Anyone looking for love but finding the world of dating a tricky one to negotiate should heed these words: don’t organize a date on a Monday.  Dates at the beginning of the week are most likely to be canceled at the last minute, with illness, exhaustion, work commitments, gym visits and even getting a better offer cited as the most common reasons for standing someone up.  Romantic trysts organized for the weekend are the most likely to take place, with Saturday voted the most popular date night, proving single people are still prioritizing finding love over other activities.  Weekend dates were found to be four times more popular than weekdays, with 81 percent of respondents in a survey by dating website saying that they would be more likely to cancel a date on a week night.  Post-weekend gym visits were most likely to cause a Monday date to cancel, but work commitments played a big role in dates not going ahead in general, with 18 percent of single people who have canceled a date saying this was why they’d had to stand down.   Illness was, however, the most common reason, with 33 percent saying this was why they had to miss out.  Being too tired (19 percent), unable to afford it (12 percent) and being asked out by someone who seemed a better option (six percent) were also cited as factors, according to

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