The Family That Lives In Breaking Bad House Erects Fence To Keep Fans Away

The real-life Albuquerque, New Mexico home that was used as Walter and Skyler White’s home on Breaking Bad has, not surprisingly, become a tourist draw over the years.  But now, the owners have had enough of the tourists.  The house has been visited by so many fans — some of whom were eager to hurl a pizza onto the roof, like Bryan Cranston’s meth-cooking alter-ego did on the show — that the homeowners are building a six-foot-tall fence around the entire property.  The pizza-tossing had gotten so bad that the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, urged fans to knock it off more than two years ago.  In an interview with the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast in 2015, he said there’s “nothing original or funny or cool” about doing it.   Joanne Quintana, whose mother owns the house, said: “We feel like we can’t leave because when we, do something happens.  Tourists feel the need to tell us to close our garage, get out of the picture, you know — tell us what to do on our own property.”  As for the wrought-iron fence, Quintana admits, “We don’t want to gate ourselves in,” but noted, “We’re the ones who’s being locked up. We did nothing wrong.”

Photo Credit: AMC – Screenshot via Today Show


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