Facebook Murder Suspect Found Dead In Pennsylvania

It appears Facebook killing suspect Steve Stephens’ efforts to elude police ended because of an order of 20 Chicken McNuggets and fries. The man who police say shot a Cleveland retiree at random Sunday and posted video of the killing on Facebook was recognized by the drive-thru attendant of a McDonald’s yesterday outside Erie, Pennsylvania. The worker called 911. To buy time, the employee handling his order gave him his Nuggets but held his fries as police were en route. According to Sayers, “He just took his nuggets and said, ‘I have to go,’ and he drove off,” at a normal speed.  Police gave chase, which ended a few kilometres away when police bumped Stephens’ car to get it to stop and he fatally shot himself. Police have still not located any of the other victims that Stephens’ claimed to have killed.

Photo Credit: Cleveland Police / Facebook

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