The End Of The World Is Coming (Again), This Time On October 15

You might be getting a bit sick of the multiple end of the world predictions recently, but this one is definitely going to happen … apparently.  Conspiracy theorist David Meade (who also predicted that the world would end on September 23) says this date will be the start of a seven year tribulation, which will bring mankind to an end.  Once again Meade believes this seven years of damnation will be triggered by the mysterious Planet X, or Nibiru – a hidden planet that will move past Earth, starting the chaos.  Meade previously said Nibiru would hit into Earth on September 23, destroying the planet.  It should be pointed out that NASA has confirmed that they are not aware of any hidden planet on a collision course with Earth.  Obviously Meade’s predictions have been given some credence (for some people) following the devastating hurricanes that have battered the Caribbean and America recently, as well as the horrific earthquake that killed more than 230 people in Mexico on September 19.  Made also said the seven years of chaos will include nuclear exchanges between the US, Britain and our enemies – Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.  His previous prediction didn’t come to fruition, but maybe Meade has finally gotten his math correct and we will actually see the start of Armageddon on October 15.

Photo Credit: NASA


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