Eminem’s Album Still Reportedly Out January 25th

Rumours still say that January 25th. (Just 14 days from today!) we will get a 21 track album from Em. More info has ‘leaked’ which claims Eminem did end up recording a song with Adele for ‘Success’. Also featured on the album, Dr. DRE, Snoop, and Kendrick Lamar. Recently, Ed Sheeran said Eminem tested Kendrick Lamar before the two ever decided to work together. Em wanted to make sure Kendrick didn’t have a ghostwriter. He invited Kendrick to the studio – by himself – and had him write a track to make sure he was the real deal.

Kendrick could be on more than one song on the 21 track album. Time will tell…


Images: Eminem Twitter, Kendrick Lamar Twitter

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