Dua Lipa Pranks Jimmy Kimmel With Surprise Performance in His Bedroom

What a way to wake up, Dua Lipa snuck into Jimmy Kimmel’s bedroom to preform a surprise “Electricity” performance just a little past midnight Yesterday night Oct. 9, and yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Her and her crew managed to quietly enter his home and  then the crew flooded into Kimmel’s room with lights and fog, and Lipa, who was wearing a white crop top and red shorts just like her music video. She jumps onto the talk show’s host bed to start dancing while her crew held a mini disco ball, lights and even a smoke machine. Kimmel gives them a foggy-eyed look as Lipa yells, “Wake up, come on!” It seems this is a tradition that Kimmel’s wife started a while back. You can watch the hilarious wake up video below.



Sourcing: Jimmy Kimmel VIA Youtube 

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