Demi Lovato Apologized For Joking About Zika Virus on Snapchat

Demi Lovato has apologized for posting a Snapchat video on Friday night containing a joke about people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, getting the Zika virus. The apology arrived after she received major backlash online. The Snapchat video has been deleted but others have saved it and it features her mom Dianna saying “Everybody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus.” Demi can be heard laughing in the background. Lovato responded to the criticism with an apology on Twitter. “In no way did I mean to offend anyone last night,” “I was laughing at how southern my mom sounded, not the issue at hand. Deepest apologies” She also tweeted “If you watch everything I do, you’re still a fan.. I ain’t goin nowhere bitches” Demi’s mom also apologized and said “My deepest and sincerest apologies to everyone who was offended by this. I never meant to hurt anyone. I’m sorry.”

Watch the video here:

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