Daddy Yankee Imposter Makes off With $2 Million Dollars Worth of Daddy Yankees Jewellery

Daddy Yankee is claiming that he was the target of a crazy hotel room heist in his hotel in  Spain. Turns out a random man who impersonated the “Despacito” rapper allegedly fooled hotel staff into opening the rapper’s hotel room and made off with $2 million in jewelry and cash from his safe. A representative for Daddy Yankee confirms the incident went down while the rapper was outside of his hotel in Valencia, Spain when the man pretending to be him acquired access to his hotel room. According to local reports, the fake Daddy Yankee asked a hotel staff member to open the safe in Yankee’s room and the staff member happily obliged. Daddy Yankee is known to famously rock big gold chains and diamonds, and all the reports say that’s exactly what was jacked from his hotel room at the exclusive Meliá Valencia Hotel along with about $2,500 in cash. Cops are reportedly trying to get their hands on hotel surveillance footage to help identify the suspect.





Photo Source: Wikipedia

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