Dad Surprises Daughter With A Selfie With Nick Jonas

A dad who ended up sitting next to none other than Nick Jonas on a flight has gone viral after his daughter tweeted out their entire text exchange from the encounter.The dad, whose daughter Deanna Hall is a student at University of South Florida was flying First Class with Delta Airlines when there was a lot of fuss happening around him which he then realized that it was about the passenger sitting next to him.  He immediately texted his daughter to ask “Who is Nick Jonas?”  His daughter was not quite sure why her dad was asking such a random question so the conversation started off calm and confused as she responded, “A famous singer. I love him.  He was a part of the Jonas Brothers.”  When he replied with, “He is sitting beside me on the plane,” well things escalated pretty quickly.  “TAKE A PIC WITH HIM,” she screamed through the text.  “TELL HIM I LOVE HIM.”  Deanna has been a fan of the Jonas Brothers growing up, immediately posted the entire thing on Twitter, along with the selfies her dad sent her with Nick and the internet absolutely loved it. The tweet has been shared more than 49,000 times, liked more than 186,000 times and attracted several hundred comments at the time of writing.

Photo credit: Twitter

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