Court Rules You Can’t Sue Your Former Employer Over A Bad Job Reference

A man who sued his former employer over a bad job reference has lost the $800,000 dollar defamation case. Yesterday an Ontario court ruled his negative evaluation was accurate. Lawyers for Stokes Economic Consulting say the firm offered to give Adam Papp a reference after firing him and had planned to praise his technical abilities. But they say a prospective employer kept asking about Papp’s interactions with others and the firm told the truth — that Papp did not get along with his coworkers. The court ruled that companies should be allowed to give their honest opinion in a job reference, as long as there is no malicious intent. “The decision should reassure employers that they can and should give honest job references without fear of liability for a defamation lawsuit,” Jon Pinkus, one of the lawyers representing the company, said in a statement. “Without honest evaluations, the entire reference check process is a futile exercise.”

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