How Conor McGregor Actually Won The Fight


Last nights battle between UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and the greatest boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather, was officially a win for the latter via TKO at 1:05 in round 10 (of 12). When the money is counted, Mayweather will join Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan as the only three athletes with lifetime earnings over $1 billion.


But it was a huge victory for Conor McGregor, also. Mayweather calls himself, among other things, TBE–The Best Ever, and he may be right. Yet, McGregor actually won rounds on the official score card and that says far more about boxing than it does about McGregor. Complete destruction via whatever Mayweather wanted, whenever he wanted would’ve been expected, just as it would be if Mayweather ever entered the Octagon to face Conor in the UFC.

McGregor proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he could hang with arguably the best boxer of all time, and last into Round 10. That in itself is a huge victory, not to mention the reported $100 million dollar payday that just quadrupled his net worth.  We the fans also won, we got a great fight between to masterful athletes who laid everything on the line.


Photo courtesy: Sports Illustrated

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