Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle And Amy Shumer Show Up To NYC Comedy Club

Talk about great value! A small room in NYC filled with people who paid just a $15 admission got to see one of the best line-up’s comedy has to offer. It included Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and Amy Shumer, along with Aziz Ansari and the one and only Jerry Seinfeld (not pictured). It’s not really too much of a coincidence that these comedians in particular showed up together to Comedy Cellar… they all have one thing in common aside from being hilarious — Netflix deals! Amy Shumer was the latest to announce a new stand up. It will be available in March. Dave Chapelle will make $60 Million off of 3 specials in the next two years and Chris Rock will get $40 Million for 2. No word how much they will be paying Jerry and what for — but an announcement is expected soon.






People in the crowd could not even believe it!


Photos: Twitter/ChrisRock

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