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Not Everybody Is Happy With The Government’s ‘Tuition Refund’ Offer

Today is back-to-school for college students. In addition to cramming everything in to what’s left of the semester, students are also trying to reconcile yesterday’s announcement from the government about tuition refunds. Ontario’s Minister of Advanced Education says offering a

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Jose Bautista Got Married Over The Weekend

Congrats to former Blue Jay Jose Bautista… He got married over the weekend! According to Jays Journal, Jose and Neisha Croyle exchanged vows in a “lavish ceremony” in West Palm Beach on Saturday. Marcus Stroman was there, and he shared some

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US Navy Confirms One Of Their Pilots Did This

Officials at a Washington state Navy base have confirmed one of their aircraft was responsible for a contrail drawing of male genitalia spotted over a residential area.  Residents in Omak, where the image was clearly visible in the sky, snapped photos on

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Police Are Now Writing Tickets For Those Who Don’t Follow The New Rules On King St

As of today Toronto Police are writing tickets for those who violate the new downtown Toronto driving rules. The fine will be $110 and two demerit points will be given for anyone caught trying to drive through an intersection along

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The Weather Network Says We Are In For A Very Snowy Winter

The Weather Network’s winter forecast is out and it says Canadians should brace for lots of snow this winter. Weather Network chief meteorologist Chris Scott says snowstorms are forecast for December in the eastern half of Canada, while the western half can

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The College Strike Is Over – The Semester Is Being Extended – Students Go Back Tomorrow

The Ontario government has now legislated college faculty back to work, ending a five-week strike and paving the way for students to return to class tomorrow. Colleges plan to extend their semesters by two –weeks so that students won’t lose

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David Cassidy Now In Dire Straits In ICU, Doctors Fear It’s Only A Matter Of Time

  To further Tony Monaco’s post from last evening, David Cassidy’s condition has deteriorated and he’s now in ICU and the family is, sadly, preparing for the end.  Cassidy was taken to the ER earlier this week, his organs were

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Disney VS Comcast VS Sony Over 20th Century Fox Film Rights

  The Washington Post has revealed that Fox has only been informally approached by Sony meaning talks are in the very early stages, but they reportedly are after the same assets Disney and Comcast are also after.  Sony has struggled with

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Toronto-York TTC Subway Extension Set to Open in 29 Days

The new TTC subway extension from Downsview Park Station in Toronto to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in York Region will open on Dec. 17, just 29 days from today. The new subway extension will provide subway service that moves beyond

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And The Potential NEW Batman Has Been Revealed…

  Following rumors earlier today that filmmaker Matt Reeves has already settled on a replacement for Ben Affleck In ‘The Batman’ should he decide to not participate, it appears as if that potential replacement’s name has been revealed–Jake Gyllenhaal.  

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Scam Alert – The OPP Is Not Collecting Donations For Their Community Bear Program

The OPP is warning the public to be wary of organizations going around collecting money for their teddy bear program. The ‘Community Bear Program’ provides black and white teddy bears that officers can give to young children that are in

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Has The Government Mislead Us About How Many Jobs Are Being Created?

Do you ever hear those reports from Stats Can about how many jobs were created last month and think … that doesn’t sound right? The latest government issued report is being seriously contradicted by the inaugural private-sector jobs report by

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Hydro One Has Applied To Raise Our Rates Again

Are our hydro bills going up again? Hydro One has applied for a rate increase. The head of Hydro One says the utility needs to have a rate increase approved, in order to keep the power system stable. The company’s

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NDP Blocks Back-To-Work Legislation – Liberals To Try Again Today To End The College Strike

Yesterday was a very eventful day in news related to the Ontario college strike. Here is the rundown: 

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Striking College Faculty Rejects Offer, Strike To Continue

It’s not the news many wanted, but Ontario’s striking college faculty has voted to reject the latest contract offer, and as a result, the strike will continue. In a statement released this morning, Sonia Del Missier (the chair of the College’s

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