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Kentucky Woman Uses Slinky To Squirrel-Proof Her Bird Feeder

Using Slinky to deter Squirrels from bird feeder, looks like it might work!       Photo Credit: New England Today

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A Distracted Driving Blitz Is On All Week

Toronto Police have kicked off a distracted driving blitz. They call it: That Text or Call Could End It All. Basically, police are stepping up their efforts to catch drivers who using phones to talk, text, type, dial or email. Police

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Tomorrow NASA Will Announce A Major Discovery Outside Our Solar System

NASA has announced they are hosting a major press conference tomorrow to reveal a “discovery beyond our solar system.” The space agency says the secretive event, will “present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known

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Guilty Plea For 14-Year Old Who Crashed A Minivan That Killed A 12-Year Old Girl Last Summer

Here is an update on a collision that happened back on July 26th, 2016, south of Orangeville: You will probably remember this one. A stolen minivan, driven by a 14-year old on Highway 10 near the Teen Ranch crashed into

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Drunk Driver Hits A Pedestrian And Writes Off Three Vehicles

Barrie Police have an impaired driver in custody. The 30-year old male blew almost 4-times the legal limit on Saturday night. This was a particularly dangerous situation. The driver of the black pick up truck was driving north on Clapperton Street

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Toronto Driver Caught Going 203 km/h In A 60 Zone On Family Day

A 24-year-old man is facing stunt driving charges. Toronto Police clocked his 2015 Acura driving northbound on Victoria Park Ave. (near McNicoll) going 203 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. It happened around 2:15am on Family Day. The unidentified driver

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BREAKING NEWS: Flight Bound To Pearson From Turkey, Evacuated

  A Turkish Airlines plane in Istanbul was evacuated Saturday after a suspicious note was discovered in one of its bathrooms.   The Turkish Airlines cabin crew found the words “BOMB TO TORONTO” on the bathroom’s wall on Flight TK-17

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The Return Of The King

  Georges St-Pierre’s hiatus from the Ultimate Fighting Championship has come to an end. The former UFC Welterweight Champion has agreed to the terms of a new deal to rejoin the UFC roster effective immediately, ending a 3.5 year absence

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Is President Donald Trump A Strong Leader?

Fake News? or Real News? US President Donald Trump will like this news. Is he a strong leader? Many opinions have been expressed and articles written about POTUS and media outlets have reported a poor approval rating for Trump during

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Open And Closed On Family Day

It’s the first long weekend of 2017. This Monday, marks Family Day. It is a provincial holiday that is celebrated annually on the third Monday of February. Because it is not a federal holiday, not everybody gets

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Today Is National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. This great day is observed annually on February 17th by individuals, groups and organizations nationwide to encourage acts of kindness. Here are a few simple examples of random

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The New Facebook Jobs Feature Is Up And Running

Chance are you have already seen the notification when you open Facebook. Their new help wanted section is up and running. Now you can search through help-wanted posts on business pages, News Feeds and there is a new Jobs bookmark. The

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New Malware Is Targeting Macs To Steal Passwords And Iphone Backups

Apple has long prided itself on being less vulnerable to viruses and malware. However, this could be about to change.  Security firm “Bitdefender Labs” has found evidence of malware designed for Macs created by the same group that is suspected of being

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Experts Agree On The Ideal Time Sex Should Last

A group of leading U.S. and Canadian sex therapists, including psychologists, physicians, social workers, marriage therapists and nurses, were asked about the ideal duration of sex in study. The good news is the answer says great sex can be measured in

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Oshawa Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Trying To Make A Bullet Necklace

An Oshawa man is recovering from surgery after he shot himself in the leg while making a necklace out of a bullet. Durham Regional Police say a 50-year-old man tried to pull apart a bullet with vise grips around 5:00pm

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