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And The Potential NEW Batman Has Been Revealed…

  Following rumors earlier today that filmmaker Matt Reeves has already settled on a replacement for Ben Affleck In ‘The Batman’ should he decide to not participate, it appears as if that potential replacement’s name has been revealed–Jake Gyllenhaal.  

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‘Nashville’ To End After Season 6

Sad news for Nashville fans.. CMT has just announced that the show’s 6th season will be its last. In a statement the show’s EP, Marshall Herskovitz, said, “All of us on Nashville are so incredibly grateful to the show’s fans, who convinced

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[Video] Luis Fonsi And Demi Lovato Release ‘Echame La Culpa’

After teasing fans with their collaboration, Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato have released “Echame La Culpa.” Luis and Demi sound great together! Check out

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Princes William And Harry In ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, New Details Revealed

This is pretty cool.. Prince William and Prince Harry are going to make cameos in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you don’t want to know who they play, it’s best to stop reading now. If you do want to

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Jason Biggs Says Jonathan Taylor Thomas Was Originally Cast As Jim On American Pie

American Pie might have been a lot different if they cast their first choice. Jason Biggs

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[Video] Ellen Starts Campaign After Donald Trump Lifts Ban On Elephant Trophy Hunting

President Trump made a disgusting and shocking decision this week to reverse President Obama’s

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[Video] Woman Spikes Husband’s Tea With Breastmilk

A British mom secretly spiked her husband’s morning tea with breast milk,

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Scam Alert – The OPP Is Not Collecting Donations For Their Community Bear Program

The OPP is warning the public to be wary of organizations going around collecting money for their teddy bear program. The ‘Community Bear Program’ provides black and white teddy bears that officers can give to young children that are in

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Has The Government Mislead Us About How Many Jobs Are Being Created?

Do you ever hear those reports from Stats Can about how many jobs were created last month and think … that doesn’t sound right? The latest government issued report is being seriously contradicted by the inaugural private-sector jobs report by

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E! Network Suspends ‘Royals’ Producer After Star Of Show Reports ‘Reprehensible Behaviour’

Cast members of One Tree Hill spoke up this week against showrunner Mark Schwahn. The writer, director and producer is accused of some pretty gross behaviour.

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Hydro One Has Applied To Raise Our Rates Again

Are our hydro bills going up again? Hydro One has applied for a rate increase. The head of Hydro One says the utility needs to have a rate increase approved, in order to keep the power system stable. The company’s

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NDP Blocks Back-To-Work Legislation – Liberals To Try Again Today To End The College Strike

Yesterday was a very eventful day in news related to the Ontario college strike. Here is the rundown: 

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[Video] They Needed To Solve This To Win $1 Million On Wheel Of Fortune

This is super frustrating to watch — so we can’t even imagine how these two are feeling right now. 

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[Video] Blake Shelton Reads Mean Tweets About His ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title

Some people may not consider Blake Shelton to be the ‘sexiest man alive’, but one thing is for sure — his sense of humour is on point.

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Earth Just Had Its 2nd-Warmest October, & 2017 Could Be The 2nd-Warmest Year On Record

It’s looking that 2017 will be the second-warmest year (since at least 1880). October 2017 also holds the record for second warmest October (the warmest was in 2015, with El Niño). It is likely that 2017 will be the warmest non-El

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