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[VIDEO] The FINAL Trailer: ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is HERE! WATCH IT INSIDE!

  Universal Pictures has released the FINAL trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’!   Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return for the new entry in which a volcano threatens the existence of Isla Nublar, leading to

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Cineplex Announces New Playdium Location Coming To Brampton

Cineplex has just announced plans to open a new Playdium location in Brampton. The location? At the Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate Cinemas at the 410 and Steeles. According to Cineplex, “the 45,000 square foot entertainment complex will be specially designed

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[Video] Florida Mom Hit In The Face With A Puck At An NHL Playoffs Game

A Florida couple took their two young sons to their first-ever hockey game over the weekend.  The wife ended up in the hospital with severe facial injuries caused by a rogue puck.  Sabrina Pattie and her family were taking in a Stanley

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Ontario Truck Driver Blew Three Times The Legal Limit While Hauling Propane

A Woodstock truck driver will appear in court next month on an impaired driving charge after police say his propane truck was pulled over near London, Ontario on Monday. According to the OPP, a concerned motorist reported the truck was

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[Video] Starbucks To Close 8,000 Stores On May 29 For Training On Racial Discrimination

Starbucks has announced they will close nearly 8,000 stores May 29, to train 175,000 employees on preventing racial discrimination after two incidents involving black men being disallowed use of the restroom.  The announcement comes as it tries to cool tensions

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Details On Yesterday’s Southwest Emergency Landing – Passenger Partially Sucked From The Plane

One person was killed and seven others were injured yesterday after a Southwest Airlines plane engine apparently exploded midair.  Flight 1380, which was headed from LaGuardia Airport in New York City to Dallas’ Love Field, made an emergency landing at

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SEGA Announces The Mini-Mega Drive!

  Following in the wake of mini versions of Nintendo’s NES and Super NES consoles, SEGA has announced that a miniature version of the SEGA Mega Drive (aka. SEGA Genesis in the U.S.) will be released later this year, timed

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[Video] Astronauts Are Reading To Kids From Space

How amazing is this?! Astronauts are reading to kids……..FROM SPACE!!! Story Time From Space is a “project of the Global Space Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education foundation” and ” while in space, astronauts are videotaping themselves reading these books the children

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Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Exists

If you love Sour Patch Kids, you’re probably going to love this – Sour Patch Kids ice cream. Yes, it exists! According to junkfoodmom, it consists of “lemon sorbet and vanilla light ice cream with a Redberry swirl and blue Sour

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Scientists Discover The Shape Of The Mug Effects The Taste Of Your Coffee

Coffee lovers are being advised that they should ditch their traditional coffee mug for one that is a different shape if they want to increase their enjoyment of the drink. A study from Oxford University has found that drinking from

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The Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe Page Will Close Tomorrow

The GoFundMe campaign to help the families of the 16 people killed and the 13 survivors of this month’s bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team will be closing tomorrow night. So far the campaign has raised nearly $12.2-million dollars. More

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An Asteroid Skimmed By Earth On Sunday – It Was Only Discovered On Saturday

This is a little unsettling. We are just now learning that an asteroid traveling at 66,174 miles an hour came pretty close to Earth on Sunday, just hours after it was noticed.  The asteroid is named 2018 GE3, and it

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Doug Ford Vows To Eliminate Provincial Income Tax For Those Making Minimum Wage

PC Leader Doug Ford says if he is elected Premiere, his party will eliminate provincial income tax for anyone earning minimum wage.  Ford says the tax credit would be implemented quickly after he is elected. It would be in place

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WhatsApp Can Now Recover Your Deleted Pictures And Videos

A new WhatsApp update has come out and its receiving mixed reactions. The new update allows user to recover any deleted pictures, videos, GIFs, documents and voice notes. This update is available for Android users worldwide but it has not

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Costco Is Selling A Very Expensive Diamond Ring

A Costco location in Australia is selling a half a million-dollar diamond ring. This Platinum 6.55 carat diamond ring has many bargain hunters scratching their heads at the idea of this expensive ring, in a bulk discount warehouse. It’s described

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