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Government Extending Maternity Leave To 18 Months

One of the changes announced in yesterday’s federal budget, directly affects anyone thinking of starting (or adding to) their family. The government is extending the period that Canadians can claim maternity and parental benefits. Expectant women will be allowed to

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The Leafs Move Into Third After Beating Columbus Last Night

The Maple Leafs beat Columbus 5-2 last night to take over third place in the Atlantic division. William Nylander and Leo Komarov each had a goal and an assist, Auston Matthews and Nazem Kadri also chipped in with a goal

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Butterbeer Ice Cream Hits Store Shelves For Harry Potter Fans

A Pennsylvania ice cream maker is courting Harry Potter fans with a new flavour based on Hogwarts’ favourite drink: Butterbeer.  Yuengling’s Ice Cream announced the flavour in a press release.  The company said that J.K. Rowling once described butterbeer as

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Taxes Go Up Today On Alcohol And Cigarettes – New Taxes For Uber Rides

Yesterday the federal budget came down. Effective immediately, taxes on alcohol and cigarettes are going up. Starting July 1st, Ottawa is taking away the tax credit for commuters who buy a transit pass. The government is also going after Uber

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Up To 69 New Emojis Coming This Summer

Emojipedia has published 69 mockups of what the proposed new emojis could look like when they hit keyboards this summer.  The library includes three gender inclusive emojis that are “open to interpretation in terms of gender without implying masculine or

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The NFL Is Making Changes To Speed Up Games

After a season of lower ratings and national anthem controversies, the NFL is making some changes in an effort to speed up the pace of games and address “fan concerns“.  Among the proposals being considered is reducing the number of commercial breaks during broadcasts and tweaking play

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Starting Next Year You Can Book A Trip To Explore The Titanic Wreck

Starting in May of next year, wealthy tourists get the chance to glide along the Titanic’s deck when London-based travel company Blue Marble Private begins tourist dives to the Titanic wreck site in May 2018. Blue Marble Private‘s 8-day journey

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The Inmate Who Beat Up Jared Fogle In Jail Is Receiving Tons Of Fan Mail

The prison inmate who pounded on Jared Fogle last year is getting rock star treatment — receiving fan mail and other forms of love from people on the outside. “I am writing to thank you for the beatdown you gave to Jared

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Today Is The 1-Year Anniversary Of The Death Of Rob Ford – Celebration Planned For Tonight

Today, March 22, 2017 marks the 1-year anniversary of the death of former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford. The Ford family has invited “Ford Nation” to join them tonight at the Woodbine Banquet Hall (30 Vice Regent Blvd) in Rexdale for

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McDonald’s Is About To Start Selling Big Mac Sauce In Grocery Stores

Yesterday McDonald’s Canada made a surprise announcement on Instagram: Their famous Big Mac sauce, along with their McChicken and Fillet O Fish sauce will soon be available for home consumption. The sauce will be sold at grocery stores across the

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The OPP Laid Over 2,400 Distracted Driving Charges Last Week

The OPP have released the final results from their March Break distracted driving campaign. In total, they laid more than 2,400 distraction-related charges over the course of the week on OPP patrolled roads. This total does not include the amount

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Toronto Police Are Apologizing Over This Tweet

Toronto police are apologizing for what they say was a flippant tweet about some military training exercises. A message was sent out on the police Twitter account on Monday to reassure everyone who noticed armed soldiers being deployed at a

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Apple Just Unveiled A Newer And Cheaper iPad That Goes On Sale Friday

Apple unveiled a new, cheaper iPad yesterday. The new iPad starts at $329 for 32 GB version with Wi-Fi. The price increases to $459 if you want a cellular connection. It comes in silver, gold, and space gray. The new iPad will

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New Record – Check Out This 500 lbs Bowl Of Spaghetti

Piled high with 500 pounds of spaghetti, 150 gallons of sauce and 50 pounds of cheese, the world’s biggest pasta bowl made its annual appearance for St. Joseph’s Day celebrations in New Orleans.  The bowl of pasta, spanning eight feet in

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Student Asks His Best Friend’s Little Sister With Down Syndrome To Be His Prom Date

A high school senior asked his best friend’s little sister with Down syndrome to be his prom date in a heartwarming promposal.  Shaedon Wedel, a senior at Newton High School in Newton, Kansas, asked Carlie Wittman, 15, to attend his

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