Cardi B Reveals She Had Illegal Butt Injections

Cardi did this huge interview with GQ and admits at one time she got illegal butt injections.
“They don’t numb your ass with anything. It was the craziest pain ever.  I felt like I was gonna pass out.  I felt a little dizzy.  And it leaks for, like, five days.”

She did it after her then-boyfriend cheated on her. The woman had a bigger booty. She was also a stripper and noticed the bigger the butt — the bigger the tips. She thought about going back for more, but the woman who gave her the injections went to jail. “she’s supposedly killed somebody. Well, somebody died on her table.”  Cardi didn’t identify the woman, but unlicensed cosmetologist Tamira Mobley — who accidentally killed a Queens mother with illegal butt injections — was sentenced in January to prison time. Read more…


Image: GQ Screenshot
Interview: GQ

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