Canucks Ban Video Games From NHL Road Trips Including “Fortnite”

In an effort to promote  being a social, close-knit group on the road. The Vancouver Canucks have banned playing “Fortnite” well any video game really.  Canucks star forward and alternate captain Bo Horvat said in an interview with TSN radio 1040 “No more ‘Fortnite,’ no more bringing your video games or anything like that. It’s strictly team meals, team dinners and hanging out with the guys.” Winnipeg Jets forward Patrik Laine, an avid “Fortnite” gamer himself, joked with reporters on Wednesday that if the Jets ever started playing as poorly as the Canucks last season, they would consider a similar ban. The game is even said to cause injuries, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price missed some time earlier this season with a mild bout of carpal tunnel syndrome rumoured to stem from his affiliation with “Fortnite.” While some organizations worry about the impact of video games on their players, others embrace it as a way of staving off the other distractions that come with being a professional athlete, such as partying and gambling. One example would be last summer when the Washington Capitals huddled up in their hotel rooms playing “Mario Kart” while on the road during the Stanley Cup final, presumably in part to avoid the distractions that Las Vegas has to offer. Well sorry Canucks looks like you’ll have to find other ways to kill the time.





Photo Source: BagoGames VIA Flikr

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