Caledon OPP will be out in Full Force This Long Weekend

From May 16th to Monday, May 22nd, 2017 Caledon OPP will be participating in a Traffic Safety Initiative focusing on the Big 4.

The Big Four consists of impaired, inattentive and aggressive driving as well as lack of seat belt use. These causal factors account for the majority of collision fatalities in jurisdictions across the country, including those policed by the OPP.

During this time, the OPP and its national policing partners will be optimizing high visibility, public education, and enforcement during one of the busiest long weekends on Canadian roads, in an effort to address driver and passenger behaviours that contribute to the Big 4 causal factors in road deaths.

While the OPP and its traffic safety partners remain committed to saving lives on our roads, be aware that drivers, passengers and the general public play an important role in contributing to safer roads. So slow down, stay focused on the road, and arrive safely at your destination!

Have a Safe and Happy Victoria Day long weekend.

Photo Credit: OPP HSD

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