Burger King Is Appealing To Wendy’s Fans By Offering Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Burger King is adding something new to their menu: spicy chicken nuggets. Wendy’s had been offering these for a while but pulled them from the menu earlier this year. That is likely why Burger King is offering 10 free nuggets to anyone named Wendy for a limited time. The Burger King spicy nuggets roll out this week. “We know there is an appetite for Spicy Chicken Nuggets, our competitors have launched similar products in the past, and fans will be excited for this delicious product at Burger King restaurants,” said Burger King’s North American brand president Alex Macedo in a press release.

The nuggets are made with spicy breading and will be available as a ten piece with a recommended price of $1.49. If you’ve been craving some spice in your nuggets, you may want to run to your local Burger King while they’re currently available. They are only expected to be around for a limited time. It is still not clear if the nuggets will be available in Canada.

Photo Credit: Burger King


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