‘Black Panther’ Early Tracking For $100 Million Opening Weekend!


A month and a half out from it’s official release, the early domestic box-office estimates for Marvel Studio’s ‘Black Panther’ have been unveiled at Box Office Pro with the company’s first African-American led film reportedly on target for a $100 million opening.


That would give the film the third largest opening of a Marvel solo franchise to date, behind only ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Iron Man’, but ahead of ‘Doctor Strange’ which pulled in $85 million.


It’s placement on Presidents Day weekend could also push it beyond $100 million should closer-to-release marketing and reviews prove strong. The film will be the earliest Marvel Studios has ever released a film in a year with this being seen as a test for Marvel to move to a four film a year strategy heading into Phase 4 of the studios plans!  ‘Black Panther’ is slated to be released on February 16th.


Photo courtesy: Marvel Studios, Disney

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