Is Bella Hadid Dating Drake: Mommy Hadid Dishes?

Relationships take a turn for the worse sometimes.  Its never easy to see people you love move on, break up, etc.  When Bella Hadid found out her ex had moved on back in January… She was a little bitter.  Not only did she unfollow SelGom off Instagram… She also posted a pic flipping off the camera!

10 Months later – Bellas mom Yolanda dishes all the deets.  Bella has moved on…. Forever.  During her interview on Watch What Happens Live, Mommy Hadid was asked a bunch of questions regarding Bella – one about Abel and her daughter. Yolanda answered “Not anymore, I think”

HOWEVER, Mommy Hadid wont let out whether Bella and Drake are just friends or more!!

She then went on to talk about Zayn and her other daughter Gigi.

See the interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’s YouTube Channel, or see below!

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