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Apple Just Unveiled A Newer And Cheaper iPad That Goes On Sale Friday

Apple unveiled a new, cheaper iPad yesterday. The new iPad starts at $329 for 32 GB version with Wi-Fi. The price increases to $459 if you want a cellular connection. It comes in silver, gold, and space gray. The new iPad will

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New Record – Check Out This 500 lbs Bowl Of Spaghetti

Piled high with 500 pounds of spaghetti, 150 gallons of sauce and 50 pounds of cheese, the world’s biggest pasta bowl made its annual appearance for St. Joseph’s Day celebrations in New Orleans.  The bowl of pasta, spanning eight feet in

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Student Asks His Best Friend’s Little Sister With Down Syndrome To Be His Prom Date

A high school senior asked his best friend’s little sister with Down syndrome to be his prom date in a heartwarming promposal.  Shaedon Wedel, a senior at Newton High School in Newton, Kansas, asked Carlie Wittman, 15, to attend his

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The Grand Valley District Community Centre Is Open Once Again

The Grand Valley District Community Centre is now re-open again following Sunday’s suspected carbon monoxide leak. Police say as many as 16 people were sent to hospital for carbon monoxide exposure. Grand Valley’s fire chief is advising anyone who was

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A Canada-Wide Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For This Murder Suspect

That Niagara area man wanted for the murder of his 7-year old step son and for stabbing a bank employee is still on the run. Niagara Police have issued a Canada wide arrest warrant for Justin Kuijer. He is considered

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Guelph Photographer Suspended From Facebook Over This Photo Series

A photographer from Guelph has been temporarily suspended from Facebook for posting photos of women with their intimate areas hidden behind mannequins. The photos attracted a ton of attention, including from trolls who wrote some pretty nasty body shaming comments

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Instagram Now Lets You Save Videos

Last year, Instagram introduced a live video feature.  Until now, live videos have disappeared from the app at the end of the broadcast.  Now, Instagram has made a change and it’s great news if you’ve taken a live video you’re especially proud

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The U.S. May Be About To Ban Laptops And Tablets From Carry-On Luggage

Major changes may be coming for airline passengers on U.S. bound, non-stop flights from North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Reports say some airlines have been advised that as soon as today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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This Man May Be Armed And Dangerous – Wanted For The Murder Of A Child

Niagara Police say a 43-year-old man is wanted in connection with the death of his stepson and the attempted murder of a woman at a local bank. Justin Kuijer’s 7-year old stepson (Nathan Dumas) was found in a St. Catharines

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Monopoly Has Replaced Several Historic Game Pieces

Monopoly is changing out three of its playing tokens, swapping in a penguin, T-Rex and rubber ducky in for the thimble, wheelbarrow and boot, Pawtucket, Hasbro said Friday. The move is part of a broader campaign to update the board

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[Video] You Gotta See This Acapella Medley Of Beauty And The Beast Songs

A university acapella group has gone viral over their impressive Beauty And The Beast medley. Brigham Young University’s “Vocal Point” managed to recap the entire Disney classic in just five minutes. Here is the video: 

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[Video] PGA Golfer Slaps An Alligator During The Arnold Palmer Invitational

Professional golfer Cody Gribble shooed away a gator at a PGA Tour event in Florida by slapping it on the tail. The PGA Tour shared video of Gribble as he casually walked up to gator that was sunbathing by a water hazard

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[Video] She Proposed At A Canucks Game With A Bouquet Of Doritos

A Vancouver Canucks fan proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos during a hockey game. The Canucks‏ shared a video of the proposal that began when Amanda Mussio’s boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, selected “at random” to participate in the “Puck Shuffle.”

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This Coffee Shop Only Employees Women In Bikinis – Claiming They Empower Women

A coffee shop in Washington has been luring customers with its very controversial unique selling point – a bikini dress code for staff. Bikini Beans Espresso has locations in Arizona and Washington. They employ baristas that make and serve coffee

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New Chrome Update Could Speed Up Your Computer And Boost Battery Life

Google has unveiled a tweak to their “Chrome” browser that could dramatically cut the amount of processing power it uses.  Starting in version 57, the web browser will throttle background tabs that are using excessive power in order to limit the

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